2021년 6월 4주차

영어단어 시험을 안친 지 2주가 되었어요. 어휘시험 때문에 팝콘이가 읽고 싶은 책보다는 쉬운 어휘로 구성된 책을 읽었는데 확실히 영어책을 읽는 폭이 넓어졌어요^^

The princess and the pea
Hans Christian Andersen
Q & A
Q1. What did the picky prince want?
A1. A real princess
Q2. When the prince was ready to go travel. Who was with him?
A2. His cousin, Fred.
Q3. Who did Fred and Prince see in the coach?
A3. The maid, Peg.
내가 찾은 문장
No, I won’t! I’m as brave as you.
나의 생각
I was surprised that Peg was brave.

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