The billy goats gruff
Once upon a time three Billy goats left on a farm. They were brothers and their last name was gruff the youngest, beanie always made a mess, the middle, Bertie was crazy about sports and the oldest, Biffer was big and strong. One day, they were hungry and decided to go to the juicy fields. They learned to climb, pack, for the last they said goodbye to their friends on the farm. They went to the woods. Beanie was scared so Biffer had to soothe him. While that time there was a sound. Three gruffs were scared but it was the rabbit that made the sound. When asked where the rabbit was going. They said they were going to look for fresh grasses, but the rabbit warned. He said there was a leg on the way to eat fresh grasses. The rabbit said there lived a troll on the bridge. But they didn’t hear the warning out and just walked away. Beanie was excited and ran. the troll kidnapped him. Next, Bertie was kidnapped. two gruffs said it was dangerous but he didn’t hear them. When he met the troll he pushed the troll over the bridge the troll sank and was never seen again and all the animals in the forest ate the grass.